Always Take 5 for safety

Crew Training Briefs

Instructors & Volunteers Brief


Program Aim - The activity is the vehicle to our aims of:

  • Social reintegration
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Meeting the club members
  • A great and safe day on the water

Medical conditions - Mental Health : PTSD, Depression, Anxiety & Physical injuries

Take 5 For Safety

  • Weather and Equipment Checks
  • Qualifications of volunteers to support
  • Safe Skipper to participant ratios
  • Safety Boat on scene

Actions On

  • Casualty
  • MOB
  • Participant wants to stop activity

Example Flow

  • 0830 - Volunteers brief, Take for Safety & Setup
  • 0930 - activity briefing
  • O/C - sail, sail, sail….
  • 1200 - return to the dock
  • O/C - social lunch

Divide and Conquer!

  • Yacht Skippers – Set-up / Rig 
  • Safety Boat – Safety checks
  • Life Jackets –Sort the lifejackets into sizes.
  • Welcomers – Welcome the participants to the club & take their lunch orders / offer sunscreen, lockers and where the toilets are etc  

Resilience Training Brief

Hey crew,

Welcome to ...(location).... It is amazing to see new faces & returning faces, and the steadfast regulars amongst us.

These sailing days are much more than “boat rides”.. They also serve to reduce social isolation within our community through the sport of sailing.

For our community, sailing provides

  • Challenge
  • an Open Learning Environment.
  • Risk. 
  • Stimulation. 

In the military the aim of RT is to develop the individual and group qualities required in battle.  

  • leadership, 
  • physical and moral courage, 
  • self-confidence, 
  • initiative, 
  • self-discipline, 
  • determination, 
  • mental robustness, 
  • adaptability, 
  • trust and camaraderie, and teamwork.

This all directly transfers to every part of our life. During & post service, veterans, our families & supporters.

Volunteers. Today we have veteran & community volunteers on deck. The great thing about today's event is that everyone has the opportunity to get involved and seamlessly transition from being a participant to becoming a participant-volunteer.

Equipment. We will be utilizing a combination of …(type of yacht). These yachts have been selected for their ease of sailing and stability .

In addition to the yachts, we will have a safety boat on the water. Their primary role is to ensure on-water safety, assist with departure and return to the dock, and provide support as needed. If, for any reason, you wish to return to land, please inform your skipper. The safety boats are also a fun option for those interested in riding along, taking photos, and more.

Flow. For today

  • brief
  • kit up
  • sail
  • lunch

Photos. play a crucial role in sharing the day's experience with the club and other organizations. If you do not wish to be photographed, kindly let anyone pointing a camera your way know. We also use yellow lifejackets to visually indicate your preference.

Zero-harm environment. A cornerstone of SMS - Everyone to finish the day in the same or even improved mental and physical state as when they started.

Life jackets. Are available for everyone and are required to be worn on all smaller vessels. On the larger yachts, they are optional due to the vessel's size.

First Aid. Our instructors & most volunteers are certified in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid. AEDs and first aid kits are accessible both in the club and on the safety boats. 

Bring. A jacket, water bottle and don't forget sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses,

Avoid brining items that can't handle getting wet; phones, keys etc 

Are there any questions?

Let's have an amazing day on the water.