Saltwater Veterans

With humble beginnings in 2017, we embarked on our sailing journey as 'Four Men in a Boat,' a name that reflected our group of veterans navigating the waters of Sydney. As time passed and our mission grew, we evolved into the Saltwater Veterans in 2018. Our core vision remains steadfast: to cultivate a connected community of veterans and their families through engagement with water activities.

At Saltwater Veterans, we are driven by a deep sense of family and a commitment to serving our community. Our clothing brand represents the shared spirit and unity that fuels our pursuit of a common vision—to support individuals who, like us at some point in their lives, have sought assistance in re-engaging socially through the empowering and kinetic experience of sailing.

Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project

In September 2022, we took a significant step forward by establishing the Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project as an ACNC registered DRGs charity and Australian Sailing club.

This initiative serves as our enduring support to fellow veterans and their families by fostering meaningful engagement through sailing. SVSP has primary focus toward supporting our fellow Wounded, Injured & Sick (WIS) veterans.

We are incredibly grateful for the generous sponsorship provided by the esteemed team at Minter Ellison Lawyers, whose donated support has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

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Frontline Safari

The Frontline Safari is an ADF veteran run adventure motorcycle tour taking place annually in the heartland of central Australia. Frontline Safari is not just an adventure; it's a mission to support the Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project. 20-25 May 2024

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